Goerlund is a country that is part of the Winding Wheel. It shares borders with Etarria to the north, and Vibris to the south.

The area now called Goerlund was settled by sentient races 1500 years ago, during the period of time known as the Rudiment.

Initially a verdant paradise inhabited by immortal entities and living Gods, Goerlund was desecrated by Cegilune, the Night Mother. In an attempt to satisfy her quenchless appetite, she made the land and those living in it mortal. She fed for hundreds of years on death, fear, innocence.

Goerlund was shunned by its neighbouring countries. Both Vibris and Etarria constructed huge physical boundaries on the borders, to keep Goerlunders out.

The land suffered. The Gods left. Then, three hundred years ago, Cegilune disappeared.

Since Cegilune relinquished her grip over Goerlund, the country has begun a slow, painful recovery. But the populous is still alone and fearful.

Settlements are relatively isolated; large stretches of unmapped wilderness lie in between the main towns and cities. Poeple just don’t know what’s out there. There are regular convoys between, for example Magre and Brugen, but unaccompanied travel between towns is extremely rare.

There are stories of hags, monsters, and bandits, child theft and other dark magic. The shadow of Cegilune is long, and very dark.

There is no trade to other lands, and the huge walls at the borders remain standing. Only rarely does news from the outside world make its way into Goerlund. and when it does, it’s treated merely as irrelevant gossip.


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